Aboriginal Employment

Aboriginal people are more likely to engage with services that have strong connections with Aboriginal communities, demonstrate high levels of cultural competence and where the workforce is inclusive and number of Aboriginal staff reflects the service needs within the local Aboriginal communities.

Through the Aboriginal Jobs Together (AJT) program NDS supported 110 Aboriginal trainees and cadets to commence careers within 42 disability organisations. Through the successful implementation of this project we witnessed first-hand the importance of Aboriginal staff in engaging with potential Aboriginal service users.

An example of the potential impact that the employment of an Aboriginal worker can have on the engagement of Aboriginal service users is highlighted below:

"When Kurrajong Waratah employed Jayla under the AJT program we were anticipating it would support Aboriginal families to be engaged in early childhood intervention. However the reality was that through Jayla's employment our expectations were totally exceeded. Since employing Jayla Kurrajong Early Childhood Intervention Service has increased Aboriginal enrolment by 400%. Employing Jayla as an Aboriginal support worker it has also helped our overall service to improve how we engage and work sensitively with Aboriginal people." (Susan Macgillycuddy KEIS Service Manager, June 2013).

Through the Aboriginal Jobs Together Project NDS produced the following resources to highlight the benefits of Aboriginal employment, and assist organisations in effectively recruiting and retaining Aboriginal staff:
  • Aboriginal Employment Guide: Provides a series of practical suggestions to assist organisations in more effectively recruiting and retaining Aboriginal staff.
  • Changing Lives By Supporting Change: Provides a series of case studies from Across NSW highlighting the experiences of employer organisations and Aboriginal trainees/cadets through the Aboriginal Jobs Together Program
We have also identified the following external resource that also provides important guidance in relation to Aboriginal employment:
  • Everybody's Business – A Handbook for Indigenous Employment: A An information resource from GenerationOne providing strategies to recruit and retain Aboriginal staff.

For assistance in employing Aboriginal people in your organisation, please contact Dylan Reynolds on 9256 3105 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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